About P4 Consulting


P4 Consulting partners with customers to strengthen company culture and develop leaders at all levels of the organization in order to create an environment where people can do their best work.

Our work is rooted in emotional intelligence; our focus is on character development as well as skills. We help uncover and change the inefficiencies and work-a-rounds created when communication is difficult.

Customers generally ask for our assistance when they are in pain; when they have a successful culture and want to take it to the next level; and when an outside force requires innovation.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to ignite untapped potential in organizations, propelling them to new levels of productivity and profit, and enabling them to make a positive difference in the world.

What We Do

We develop effective leaders and build sustainable cultures.

Our Principles

Integrity: Do the right thing

Honesty: Tell the truth

Optimism: See the potential

Quality: Do it the best way you can

Courage: Do what needs to be done

Why We Exist

To inspire leaders and individuals to be a powerful force for compassionate action.