Our Story


It was 1988 and Betsey and Ellen were hanging out in boats on the Nantahala River. A premier whitewater school and rafting company, The Nantahala Outdoor Center, asked us to develop team building and leadership courses using cutting edge content and experiential learning techniques. So, we built a ropes course, developed team initiatives using whitewater rafting, rock climbing and canoeing, and brought in some of the best leadership training and development consultants in the country. They taught us, brought their clients to us and partnered with us to provide powerful and life changing experiences to participants.

By 1994 Ellen was deep into helping prepare for the 1996 Olympic Games as a facilitator and Betsey had moved to New England to teach and had begun to build her first company that served businesses and organizations in their quest for excellence. Fast forward through many moves, more Olympic Games for Ellen, and consulting with many global and national companies for Betsey and we find ourselves in Colorado in the summer of 2010. It was the beginning of a new decade and a new partnership.

We wanted to do work that deeply mattered. For us that meant being able to partner with organizations that wanted to be a positive force in the world in addition to being successful as defined by the balance sheets. It has been our experience that companies have great capacity to grow, innovate, care for people and create wealth and that their leaders want to do that. Sometimes they need a little assistance.

We run processes so they can innovate. We provide a thinking partner – someone to ask good questions, listen deeply, act as a mirror and keep focus on important aspects.

We Believe…

  • In the basic goodness of people. That belief brings out the best in people.
  • That people can and do change. We witness transformation every day.
  • That emotional and social competency can be developed and is a powerful multiplier of management skills.
  • People want to reach their potential. Investment in people is a powerful motivator.
  • People know far more than they can articulate or apply. Understanding and application unleashes power

So, Ellen and Betsey have been helping leaders become their best selves and companies meet and exceed their potential. Through it all we’ve never abandoned how we know people learn best – through experience, reflection and experimentation. We have never quit learning from the giants in our field and our clients. We know that the potential to be great lies within all of us.

2018 finds us moving to a new level of service in our chosen field. Ellen has formed a company called Mountain Mesa Training that focuses her work in rural communities  same great cutting-edge content to those who have less access. Betsey is staying within P4 and moving to longer term and deeper work with executives and organizations that want to create more sustainable and more compassionate change. Give us a call and find out how you can create more significance!