What We Do


We specialize in culture change work and developing the leaders who must drive culture – it is our sole focus and our passion. We create experiences that allow people to understand their organization, their co-workers, and their stakeholders in new ways, and that align actions with desired results. Our personal and collective work over 30 years has been creating experiences that fundamentally change people.


You are the expert in your business; we are the experts on organizational change and developing the leaders who must execute it. We help you build the structure needed to implement your strategic plan.  We listen, help problem solve, support your efforts and help frame changes in ways that people will follow.


A coach provides an outside and neutral perspective, and sheds light on the blind spots that hinder forward progress.  As coaches, we reflect and clarify the choices available as well as the likely outcomes. We coach executives through change and growth, difficult employees to improve sub-optimal behaviors, and star performers to reach the next level.


We facilitate groups – from the executive team to the front line – to think, plan, and execute effectively. We guide you through the critical conversations. We work with you to make a plan, work the plan, and then get flexible and do what must be done for your ultimate success.

Training Programs

Effective leadership development is about building character-based competencies, or traits, not just teaching simple skills, theories, and techniques. Traits-based leadership development is lasting, effective and improves your bottom line as thousands of our clients can attest.

Our approach to training is to make it EPIC – experiential, participatory, image rich, connected. Training designed in this way spans generational and other differences between people and maximizes the amount of information that sticks. It makes sense — the more interactive and engaging training is, the easier it is to pay attention.

For senior executives ready to engage in a deep exploration of ideas, systems and disciplines, this course is about change, leadership and legacy. Examine a cross section of industries, sectors, and thought leadership; look at levers for change that create a successful and sustainable future. Learn how to combine strategy, culture, and leadership to create a dynamic organization.
This course is for middle to senior level leaders and individual contributors who not only direct and develop their teams, but must coordinate between departments, participate in strategic initiatives and get work done through influence as much as authority.

Connect: Deepen self-awareness to connect with others in strong and effective relationships.

Build: Strong networks, strong teams, and strong collaborations. Design systems that create momentum toward your goals.

Create: Set the environment for innovation. Unleash creative thinking, engagement and the ability to execute with precision.

There is nothing “soft” about Emotional Intelligence, in fact, it is the secret sauce that powers up your sales process. This modular program is designed to expand and sharpen the EQ of your sales force.  Participants become more astute negotiators, better able to manage competing interests, and more adept at de-escalating conflicts.   Make your sales force a force to be reckoned with.
Middle managers balance the demands from above with the need to support execution below. This program helps managers develop skills to encourage and empower those they manage while creating an accountable and responsible workforce. Managers will be able to:

  • gain buy-in from challenging employees
  • enjoy an atmosphere of respect and reason
  • solve nagging problems and resolve conflict
  • increase engagement, collaboration and high quality output
This course provides front line leads and supervisors with the skills they need to make the leap from “doer” to managing others.

This course answers the question “How do I…?”

  • get them to do what I need them to do
  • discipline effectively and avoid un-winnable power struggle
  • get them to be responsible and accountable.