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Betsey has been helping leaders and organizations for more years than she wants to admit. Her work is focused on creating successful, sustainable organizations that fully support the people in them. Teaching the practices of authentic and powerful leadership, her facilitative style is effective and catalyzes lasting growth and change. Skillfully steering people through the process of developing the emotional intelligence of truly effective leaders, she helps radically change the ability of themselves and their employees to:

  • Create new solutions to complex problems
  • Dramatically increase revenue and margins
  • Accelerate growth and stretch teams
  • Radically improve personal and organizational effectiveness
  • Develop genuine and beneficial relationships
  • Build unparalleled collaboration and trust
  • Unleash new energy and create happier and healthier people

Betsey’s background is in experiential training and development which means rather than PowerPoints and lectures, her teaching and facilitation style is one of learning by doing, fun and interactive. While working as Director of Duke University’s Leadership Training Associates, she obtained a Certificate in Organization Development while taking training in such diverse areas as Enneagram personality types and Human Systems Dynamics. Betsey is a Certified Presence Based Coach®, accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

As a life-long learner, she puts together concepts and materials from a large array of arenas to help clients reach their goals.She has helped organizations and people from many industries including but not limited to health care, ethanol, biotech, software, manufacturing, and pharma. These diverse experiences allows her the perspective of many settings and create the modifications needed for specific applications.