Connect, Build, Create

For mid to senior level managers


Blond in yellow with groupThis is not a training event; it is a proven development program (blended learning including 2 on-line courses, 4 classroom days, and follow-up coaching) that increases the ability to Connect to one’s best self, Build strong relationships, and Create better outcomes professionally and personally. Connect, Build, Create is designed for mid to upper level managers and individual contributors who must lead project teams, initiatives, meetings and make presentations but are not people managers. The core of the course is emotional intelligence with practical, immediate application to real business situations.

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Emotionally intelligent leaders who inspire others.

Managers who grow in their ability to focus on results while developing effective new leaders.

Teams that function with ease and effectiveness.

People who see the value of the organization’s investment in them, thereby increasing loyalty to the organization.

Individual contributors who understand the big picture, work effectively on teams and are able to bring forth their ideas in ways that build and can be built upon.

New hires who develop the traits needed to fully embody the core values of your company.

Longer term employees take advantage of personal and professional development which is an incentive for valuable talent to stay.


Deepen self-awareness to connect with others in strong and effective relationships.


Strong networks, strong teams, and strong collaborations. Design systems that create momentum toward your goals.


Set the environment for innovation. Unleash creative thinking, engagement and the ability to execute with precision.

“I need to say that you are amazing. When I took the programs you developed, I greatly enjoyed them but I did not realize until now how superior they were when compared to other programs. I have now taken several courses in the areas of communication and management/leadership from some of the most reputable companies in the country. The programs and instructors do not compare to what you offered us. On several occasions I offered ideas that I have tried (which originally came from you) and both the participants and instructors were impressed. Overall, these other programs were not worth my time, while your programs were very valuable. Again, thank you!”

Charlie Shapiro

Legal Counsel, Novozymes NA