Impact & Influence

A 1-day course for employees and managers early in their career

Are you eager to accelerate your career path? Do you want to increase your influence as you are gaining experience? Do you sometimes find it challenging to get supervisors and colleagues to respond to your suggestions, input and concerns?

Impact & Influence is a one-day course that gives participants a thorough understanding of what it takes to become the valuable employee they want to be. Through assessments, experiential learning, problem- solving real work issues, and discussion participants will learn concrete, actionable skills to be influential in all the right ways. With follow up and reinforcement participants become a spot-on asset to their manager and the company.

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Skills to take responsibility for your own success.

A clear view of your strengths and approaches that will increase your influence within the organization.

An understanding of different manager interaction styles and the ability to build trust with each.

Improved negotiating skills and knowledge of when to push or back off.

Practice and incite in how to present ideas and concerns in constructive and influential ways.

Methods to receive delegated projects and ensure you have all you need to be successful in completing them.