Managing With Respect & Reason

For front-line to mid-level managers


The “Managing with Respect and Reason” methodology helps you develop a leadership style that encourages and empowers those you supervise. As the antidote to ineffective practices and nonproductive
activities to avoid conflicts, this course arms you with the skills necessary to keep your staff accountable and engaged.

This is a three day course.

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Emotionally intelligent leaders who inspire others.

Managers who grow in their ability to focus on results while developing effective new leaders.

Teams that function with ease and effectiveness.

People who see the value of the organizations investment in them increasing loyalty to the organization.

Individual contributors who understand the big picture, work effectively on teams and be able to bring forth their ideas in ways that build and can be built upon.

New hires who develop the traits needed to fully embody the core values of your company.

Longer term employees take advantage of personal and professional development which is an incentive for valuable talent to stay.

Industry Research: Harvard Business Review

The link between EQ and leadership was also clear at PepsiCo. In a pilot project, executives selected for EQ competencies far outperformed their colleagues, delivering:

  • 10% increase in productivity. 
  • 87% decrease in executive turnover ($4m). 
  • $3.75m added economic value over 1000% return on investment