High Performance Culture

In a strong culture, bright people can achieve great things.

corporate culture smilingCulture is “how we do things around here” – our stability, adaptability, engagement and business focus. Creating an environment where excitement thrives and productivity soars is a dynamic but defined process. The advantage of a great culture is a competitive advantage that can be measured and is felt by everyone in your organization.


How do we do it?

We start where you are. Through a discovery process that includes discussions, interviews, and assessments, we determine with you your core obstacles and your strengths to build upon. We help you get clear about where you want and need to evolve. We then co-create a path to your ideal future. That journey may include training, facilitation and coaching. We will also give you our expertise and encouragement and refer you to other experts when needed.

“P4 Consulting helped create insights that did not exist before.  There are real business drivers at stake—team dynamics, trust, problem solving, communication—you can make real changes, and you can make them quickly.”

Paul Gannon

Vice President of Marketing, Personify, Inc.

High Performance Cultures

Extensive research shows that good cultures outperform average cultures by 2:1.  Creating a good culture is not just about feeling good, it is about performance and beating the competition.  Companies with good cultures can be agile in the market with people who know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

  • They make more money.
  • They innovate and lead the market.
  • They are preferred places to work.
  • They are safer places to work
  • They get higher return in investment and equity

Organizational cultures that outperform the others must manage:

  • High levels of Adaptability  around customer needs, innovation, and communication.
  • Balance adaptability with Stability around core values, systems and processes.
  • Maintain an Internal focus to meet the needs of people to grow, make decisions, and be creative.
  • Consistently communicate an External message with a solid mission, vision, and direction.

Every company is unique and every company has common levers for growth and profitability.  Working with you to know what to change, when and how much to change it is what we do.  And we measure progress against goals so that you don’t waste your time and political capital on annoying changes that won’t bring a return.