Masterful Leadership

Culture drives success. Leaders drive culture.

Beautiful businesswoman leading her team

Great leaders inspire others no matter what their job title. Exceptional leaders create sustainable success by developing capable and innovative teams. They set the bar high and help others reach it. They take the development of others as seriously as meeting their own deliverables. They look for opportunities to make a positive difference and they follow through. These leaders can be the norm in your organization.



“P4 has a 15-year relationship with my company, providing leadership training and coaching for all levels. They have excelled, helping me and my colleagues to realize deep insights that improved us personally and professionally.”

Jack Rogers

Global Marketing Manager, Novozymes NA


Go beyond “trial and error” and accelerate your learning curve by utilizing a business coach. Coaches shed light on blind spots, giving people the insights needed to move obstacles out of the way and accomplish goals. As coaches, we provide an outside and neutral perspective; we reflect and clarify the choices available as well as the likely outcomes. We coach executives through change and growth, difficult employees to improve sub-optimal behaviors, and star performers to reach the next level.

Training Programs

Effective leadership development is about building character-based competencies, or traits, not just teaching simple skills, theories, and techniques. Traits-based leadership development is lasting, effective and improves your bottom line as thousands of our clients can attest.

P4’s philosophy is that leadership occurs at all levels of an organization. Our training programs support these leaders whether they are executive or senior leaders; accomplished mid-level leaders; leaders who are newly appointed; and those who are emerging as potential leaders.

Our approach to training is to make it EPIC – experiential, participatory, image rich, connected. Training designed in this way spans generational and other differences between people and maximizes the amount of information that sticks. It makes sense — the more interactive and engaging training is, the easier it is to pay attention.

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